Where to fly


There are a lot of tunnels open now and even more to open soon. Most tunnels provide a good infrastructure, however, not all are equally customer oriented and operating efficiently. This is only relevant if you organize your flying by yourself. If you go with a coach, he will take care of everything.

If you go on your own make sure that a good coach is available (see section “coaches”)!

As a special hint: Don’t book blind time with coach in a newly opened tunnel, there is some danger that the staff is not trained enough yet. This is not always the case as they often hire experienced staff, too, but it’s worth asking, as this sport is just too expensive for trial and error.

Tunnel prices depend on coach and times (on/off peak) and are from my latest memories.

In the following tunnels I personally flew already.

(Note for tunnel managements: If there is any information outdated, just text me and I would make an update.)

Flyspot / Warsaw, Poland

By far my FAVORITE tunnel! It has the best running operations (team and management is super good and nice and customer oriented), ISG technology (which is “smoother” air, currently the best technology out there, it’s German haha), excellent coaches (both fixed staff and freelancers around), a restaurant in the tunnel, it’s 15 min. by taxi to the Warsaw airport (WAW) and has a hotel next door.

Perfect training conditions, nothing more to say.

Hotel around 35,- to 40,- EUR. Taxi to the airport around 15,- to 20,- EUR.

Tunnel hour with coach 600,- to 700,- EUR

Flystation /
St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg has a very efficient management and I really start liking it. Not only because of the great prices (Rubel effect). Has ISG technology and a quite good bunk house next door (4-bed rooms with own bathrooms, but often you can book them as double room if there is availability). If you don’t like bunk houses, however, you will need a car or are dependent on taxis. The tunnel also has a restaurant. You will need a visa but the tunnel is helping with it. It’s located approx. 45 min. from the airport.

Hotel around 35,- to 60,- EUR. Bunk house approx. 15,- EUR. Taxi to the airport around 25,- EUR.

Tunnel hour with coach approx. 450,- to 550,- EUR. Visa costs are approx. 75,- EUR.

Windoor/ Empuriabrava, Spain

Located at the sunny Costa Brava, this is my “home” tunnel where I usually fly. The HUGE advantage is the DZ Empuriabrava just next door (a DZ is a Dropzone, where skydivers can jump). So for tunnel flyers who also want to skydive this is the perfect training possibility. The tunnel has a nice bar in it where you can also eat.

There are plenty of hotel options, also a few options in walking distance. However, ideally just rent a car from the Barcelona or Girona airport.

Hotels around 40,- to 60,- EUR. Taxi to the train station around 25,- EUR. Car rental approx. 25,- to 35,- / day.

Tunnel hour with coach approx. 750,- EUR.

Hurricane Factory / Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague tunnel is very well located, it’s 20 min. from the airport and within the city area, so you can easily combine it with some sightseeing in Prague. Prague has very good instructors and a nice restaurant inside. I like it for camps as it provides good installations to spend longer time in it. There is not really a hotel in walking distance so having a car is quite convenient.

Hotels around 35,- to 55,- EUR. Taxi to the airport around 20,- EUR.

Tunnel hour with coach approx. 650,- to 750,- EUR

Flyin / Liège, Belgium

New tunnel in Belgium and the biggest one in the world.

The standard tunnel has 14 ft., the one in Liège has 17 ft. It’s located directly next to the Liège airport. From outside, you reach it best by flying to Brussel Zaventem or Brussel Charleroi (approx. 50 min.). It has a bar inside and a hotel with restaurant directly next door.

It’s absolutely amazing to fly in the big one. I personally enjoyed trying new tricks with having the walls so far away...

Hotel around 60,- EUR. Taxi (shuttle) to the airport around 80,- EUR. Car rental, approx. 35,- to 50,- EUR / day.

Tunnel hour with coach approx. 800,- to 850,- EUR.

Wind-o-bona / Vienna, Austria

New tunnel in Vienna with nice and friendly staff who makes you immediately feel welcomed. Directly located in the Prater. It’s super easy to reach by public transport (U-Bahn / S-Bahn station Praterstern) and has one of my favorite hotel chains next door (the Motel One concept). No restaurant or bar inside, but you have a few good options nearby outside the tunnel.

Hotel around 60,- to 70,- EUR. Taxi to the airport around 30,- EUR. Metro (super easy) 4,50 EUR.

Tunnel hour with coach approx. 800,- to 850,- EUR.

Weembi / Lille, France

New tunnel in Lille with 17 ft.

Really cool new 17 ft tunnel located in the north of France. Best international airport would be Brussels (approx. 60 min.). It has a nice bar inside and generally a very inviting atmosphere.

There is a 4* hotel next to it with a special rate of 60,- p.p. double room.

Tunnel hour with Weembi coach 790,-, with external coaches possibly higher.